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Woolly Works really began decades ago when Edith combined her passion for yarn craft and love of teaching and began to offer lessons out at her little alpaca farm. She taught the craft of yarn itself - spinning and dyeing. She taught creating with yarn - knitting and crochet and tatting. If you were willing to make the trek to the farm, you could finally get those cables right, learn the best cast on for a collar, find out how to felt a homemade stuffed dragon.If you wanted to know how to be an accomplished machine knitter, Edith was the one to see.
In recent years, Edie decided it was time to open a store front in downtown Colorado Springs, saving us all the commute to the farm. Woolly works began a few blocks away and settled into our current location at 9 East Bijou Street, in 2014.

Woolly Works Knit Shop is nestled in a quaint area of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. You will always receive professional, warm and friendly service anytime you visit. Woolly Works Knit Shop offers a large selection of specialty and luxury yarns, notions, fiber arts supplies, patterns, books and classes for all your knitting, felting, tatting and crocheting needs. Our store is bright, our staff is here to help, and we look forward to seeing you!

Edith Fisher


At the age of five, I picked up knitting and crocheting by watching my mother and both of my grandmothers making beautiful pullovers and cardigans. Through the decades, I witnessed a dwindling appreciation for my trade as a Knitter, and I made a commitment to keep the knitting trade alive for future generations.

The idea of owning a knit shop was born in 1987 when I received my first knitting machine as a gift from my husband.

Although I was still an airman serving in the US Air Force, my dream did not die. After I retired from the military in 1998, I turned my dream into reality. A second knitting machine made the knit shop official – The Woolly Works Knit Shop was born.

But it did not end there. After seeing an advertisement in a local paper, I became intrigued by Alpacas and their luxurious fiber. The Woolly Works Farm now has five Alpacas nibbling in the pasture. I learned to process their fleece and teach others to do so. I have taught knitting, crochet, dyeing, machine knitting and all manner of yarn craft over these years.

A few years later I realized that I was not just a knitter; I was also a collector (hoarding) of many fine yarns. In ten lifetimes I could never use it all up. So, in 2001 the only thing for me to do was to open a retail store. I have moved to other locations since then with the current being the best of all carrying a vast variety of yarns and supplies-truly heaven for all needle artists.

I have been teaching knitting and crocheting since 1999. In 2010 I added custom dyed yarns by Edie to my repertoire. With the hand of the Lord guiding me, the Woolly Works Knit Shop will be a staple for many years to come.



After being fascinated by knitting since Kindergarten, I finally learned it when I was 10 and in the 4th grade. I had a few lessons and that was it. An obsession was born!

I believe my first ever project was to try to make a blanket for my kitty, Belle. Since I didn’t know how to read a pattern, I made up my own, sometimes successfully.

When I was 18 I learned to crochet from a book and that was that.

I love to knit all kind of things, but socks and sweaters seem to be my favorites.

WW Sock a Thon - Hanging Entries

I grew up in SW Kansas and moved to Colorado Springs a little over 10 years ago with my husband and our son. Since then we have added two cats, Ginger and Tobey, a bearded dragon named Norberta and LOTS of yarn.
I'd love to see you soon!

Jasmine the Iguana and Green Orchid Yarn - Perfect Match!

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