Starting January 16th: Knit along Cowichan Cardigan

Starting January 16th:  Knit along: Cowichan Cardigan

Little history lesson

Samples at the Cowichan Seminar with
Beth Brown-Reinsel, Instructor

Between 1840 and 1900, the Salish people on Vancouver Island in the Cowichan Valley, learned to clean and spin sheeps wool with the help from european missionaries who also settled on the island. Later a british settler brought with her the techniques used in British Ganseys and two-colored Fair Isle.

The original Cowichan Sweater was knitted in the round with hand spun wool and 6 to 8 double point needles made from native dog wood or yellow cedar. The gauge is 3 stitches to one inch.

Well folks, we are not going there! We’ll use Brown Sheep’s Lamb’s Pride worsted wool in three (3) colors….

What you will learn

Designing your own Cowichan Cardigan, chart reading, long tail cast on, striped ribbing, stranded color work (yarn dominance), knit on pockets, short rowing, traditional shoulder seem, 3-part shawl collar, sleeve cap, adding a zipper or button band, and finishing.