Kritter Days

photo of Kathy with Short Tailed Opossum

Kritter Days

Woolly Works is proud to offer a venue for Kathy of Kritter Karavan to teach about exotic animals in the wild and as pets.  Hands-on encounters are entertaining, and visitors young and old get to hold and cuddle while they learn about a variety of animals.  Kritter Karavan encourages responsible pet ownership and teaches about the origins and habits of exotic animals, and the importance of understanding appropriate care requirements for exotic pets.

The Kritter Karavan has focused its efforts on exposing interested people of all ages to the wonderful world of small exotic animals.  They present live representatives in various animal groups.  Kritter Karavan expands on the importance of doing research on any animal being considered as a family pet before making such acquisition.  Most of the rescue animals they care for are there because they needed a “forever home” arriving from various sources, such as  The Humane Society,  veterinarians, CraigsList, and word-of-mouth.

Sadly, many animals end up neglected, abused, dumped in shelters and, too often, dead as a result of the lack of forethought, knowledge and commitment to the needs of any prospective family or personal pet. Kritter Karavan provides a safe and nurturing environment for these  unfortunate creatures, helping to prevent euthanization of these unusual species and providing appropriate veterinary care when needed.

Kritter Karavan is a small, non-profit organization, #27-0638541, with our USDA Class C exhibitors license, Certificate No. 84-C-0128. Click here Kritter Karavan for more information or to find out about supporting Kritter Karavan.


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